News for Clients

Food Safety

daisyPlease plan to eat your meal as soon as it arrives, or refrigerate it until eaten to prevent spoiling. 

If you know that you will not be home when your meal is delivered but want Meals on Wheels to deliver your food anyway, you can make alternative delivery arrangements. 

You may leave a cooler or insulated bag outside the door, or make arrangements with us to deliver to a neighbor.  If you choose to use a cooler or insulated bag, please add fresh ice or an ice pack.  If you need assistance in accessing a suitable cooler we would be happy to help; please call the office at 293-4364.

Do not eat our food after 1pm unless it has been refrigerated.

To Cancel Meals

phone padYour meal is ordered a day in advance.  to cancel your meal, call our office at 293-4364.  If you do not call by 8:30am on the day you wish to cancel your meal, the meal will not be cancelled and you will be billed for it (if you are billed).  If no one is in the office to take your call, LEAVE A MESSAGE on the answering machine, making sure to leave your named and the date on which you wish your meal to be cancelled.

Check out our Lending Library

Meals on Wheels is proud to announce its newest "extra,"  a lending library of books!

Special thanks to John Sanborn, the thoughtful volunteer who originated the idea by donating a box of beautiful hardcover thrillers.

Books can be requested by calling the office @ 434-293-4364. We will deliver your books the very next business day, along with your meal. You may keep these books for as long as you like. When you are finished reading please return the book by giving it to one of our drivers so that we may return it to circulation.

Inclement Weather Policy

girl in snowIn the event of ice or snow, or other bad weather, Meals on Wheels may be forced to cancel meal delivery.

Routes in and around Crozet, Scottsville & Esmont are cancelled when Albemarle County schools are closed or delayed due to weather conditions.

All routes are cancelled if the Charlottesville City schools are closed or delayed because of weather.

Cancellation of meal delivery will be announced on WINA radio, Channel 29TV, Newsplex stations, and on our voice mail message at 434-293-4364 after 7:30am.